The Web's Best of
Amateur Wrestling

by Tom Fortunato

This site houses my wrestling GIFs collection.

Works of Art Gallery 1
Works of Art Gallery 2
Animated Gallery 1
Animated Gallery 2
Animated Gallery 3
Animated Gallery 4
Background Gallery
Tee Shirt Art Gallery

Gallery I- Buttons/Symbols/Logos, The Wrestlers, Old Timers
Gallery II- BW Caricatures, Match Beginnings & Single Legs
Gallery III- BW Control, Half Nelsons, Lifts, Ref Signals
Gallery IV- BW Move Sequences, Mat Work

Color Gallery I- Moves & Holds (transparent)
Color Gallery II- Moves & Holds
Color Gallery III- Logos & Line Art
Color Gallery IV- Gear, Equipment, General
Color Gallery V- Cartoons & Caricatures

To the best of my knowledge, images presented are not copyrighted and may be freely used.

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US 1996 Olympic stamp

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