Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Misc. Items

17th century ivory scrimshaw box top

snuff box

1880 Schumacher & Ettlinger cigar wrapper

1890's cigar box proof

1900 cutout

1920 Mexican cigar boxes

Mongolian cigarette wrapper

1956 Russian cigarette box

Turkish cigarettes

1883 child's Greco-Roman game

wrestling card game

2004 Olympics Puzzle

1910 World championship ad card

1913 bout advertising envelopes

1964 Bulgarian maxicards

1905 Canadian championship plaque

1919 plaque

1800s Ed Firness
Philadelphia trophy

1911 plaque

1936 trophy

1957 Worlds painted brass plaque

1968 Worlds Participant plaque

1974 European Championships
Participants plaque, Madrid

1974 European Championships
Participants plaque, Madrid

1974 World Freestyle Championships
US Participants paperweight, Tokyo

1988 European Championship Participant Plaque

Bangladesh wrestling
desk plaque

Moroccan wrestling belt

1900's bookends

1960 piano music

Australian biscuit tin

chewing tobacco sign

1984 Gable milk carton

British Cross Buttock ale

1931 Yale participant pass

1967 Big 8 pass

USA Wrestling patch

Presidential Fitness patch

Gable camp patch

US Wrestling Federation patch

US Wrestling Federation patch

US Wrestling/Coke patch




Garfield plush toy

Cabbage Patch doll

Wind sock

Pillow case

Shirt slogan

Mongolian card set

Mongolian card set

Old Calabar animal feed price list

1980 pocket calendar

2009 Sea Games fridge magnet

2013 Mediterranean Games magnet

1963 Worlds runner's pass

1965 Worlds Freestyle ID Pass

1969 NCAA press pass

1974 USA vs USSR dual meet press pass

1982 NCAA press pass button

1983 NCAA press pass button

1984 NCAA press pass badge

1991 Worlds press pass, Varna, Bulgaria

1972 Des Moines Register announcing
Olympic wins by Gable and Peterson, Taylor bronze

QSL card from Iowa

1975 NCAA glass

Badger glass

Edirne gures glass

1982 Commonwealth
Games beer can

1982 Commonwealth
Games beer can

1986 Coke bottle

2003 Vietnamese Coke can

1996 Olympic Coke bottle mold

1212 Coke Olympic carton

1960 Israeli
gum wrapper

1960 Anglo-American Chewing
Gum Company wrapper
(1912 Olympics longest
wrestling match)

Abercrombie & Fitch bags

belt buckle 1977

Swiss knife

2000 NCAA Division 3 watch

Diamond eyes ring

1996 Olympic water bottle

night light

1975 NCAA ash tray

old ash tray

Greek soap

1949 ink blotter

weather vane

wall decal


KVK matchbox

KVK matchbox

1967 India stamp flyer

2012 British coin and stamp set

2012 British stamp and pin set

Elongated penny

1921 Germany 60pf notgeld
from Kurzenmoor


1991 Lithuania
10 centaru banknote

2019 Ukraine
100 hryvnia banknote

1983 Korean Olympic lottery ticket

1982 Turkish lottery ticket

1983 Turkish lottery ticket

1984 Turkish lottery ticket

2003 Turkish lottery ticket

2000 Iowa lottery ticket

1996 Greek lottery ticket

Russian Bank Petrocommerce Visa credit card

Chocolate mold


1980 European Championships
hockey puck, Slovakia

License plate

License plate

1978 coin flip

License plate


Fan sign

Coach sign

Fan sign

Wrestling Zone sign




French Youth Wrestling License 1990

French Adult Wrestling License

Dan Igali Golden Grahams cereal box (Canada 2000)

Chico Hernandez, Sombo champ, Wheaties Energy Crunch box reverse

1996 Team USA Wrestling Wheaties signatures

1969 Gypsy Oak Studio Gable coin holder

Kurt Angle bobblehead

Bruce Baumgartner

Dan Gable

Dan Gable

John Trenge

Golden Gopher

Cael Sanderson bobbleheads

2001-2 Iowa State Schedule

Sanderson light switch

2002 Sanderson Wheaties box

Hy-Vee life-size store cut-out

Hy-Vee Sirloin Soup

Hy-Vee Clam Soup

Hy-Vee Vegetable Soup

Hy-Vee Grilled Soups

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