Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery

1891 Barnum and Bailey

1904 France

1906 France

1910 Russian theater broadside

1920's poster

1933 Swiss tournament

1930 Russian Wrestling Daily

1939 USSR

USSR Arcadia Garden
"Wrestle Every Day"

1955 USSR movie
poster "World Champion"

1974 NCAA Div 1 Tournament

1983 Japanese Super Champion Match

1987 Olympic Festival

1994 Italian European
Freestyle Championship poster

2001 Italian Greco-Roman championship

2000 Igali Freestyle Championship poster

Zeke Jones autographed poster

2001 European Championships,
Turkey Freestyle Championship poster

2002 Kirkpinar poster

Boke Champions

Cael Sanderson commemorative poster

2003 NCAA Div 1
Western Regionals

2006 Iowa

Roulong Gardner- Got Milk?

2004 US Greco Olympic Team

2004 Greco Worlds, Creteil, France

2005 Mediterannean Games

France tournament

2007 France-Cuba
Greco tournament

2008 US Olympic Team Trials

FILA- To wrestle is to be Human

I Wrestle

None Have Wrestled

Screw Them

Truth Be Told

We Wrestle 1

We Wrestle 2

We Wrestle 3

Winning Style

Sombo (Bulgaria?)

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