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Raphael Tuck & Sons of Great Britain were the premier retailer of premium postcards in the late Victorian era.
Their catalog listed over 40,000 different cards in 1914-15, among them two famous sets of wrestling holds,
each with 6 different hand-tinted cards that sold for 6 pence per set. Here are all 12 face-different cards.

The sets are numbered 4490 and 4500. Varieties exist, as some 4500 sets in English appear with "Printed in Saxony"
on the left side. Set number 377B duplicate set 4500, but with all German text. Some of these are shown below.

An overthrow. The first wrestler has gripped his adversary's arm and body in order to overthrow him to the front.

Back-pull by the arms. The attacked wrestler has grasped his opponent's arm to throw him down on his back.

Inside-pull by the arms. The attacked wrestler has gripped the arms of his adversary so as to throw himself over on the same.

Neck-lever. The man who is the uppermost tries to turn his opponent over by using his arms as levers.

Raising from the front. The superior wrestler lifts his opponent from the ground, so that he should drop on both shoulders.

The Arm Lock as depicted is a grip which enables the attacking wrestler to throw his opponent over his buttocks and shoulders on to the mat.

The Body Hold is a certain method of defeating the object sought by means of the arm lock; the defending wrestler
grasps his opponent's wrist by a backward movement thus rendering impotent his efforts to obtain a buttock throw.

The Double Arm Hold and Stop. The attacking wrestler has gripped his opponents right arm with his own right hand, with the object
of obtaining an arm fall, this object is however defeated by the defender grasping the attackers left arm in the manner shown.

The Double Arm Lock is a movement introductory to one of the most certain throws in wrestling. The opponent is grasping firmly round the
body, beneath the arms, the right thigh is advanced, and the aggressor can then with comparitive ease throw his opponent over his right thigh.

The Half-Nelson is a wrestling grip whereby the aggressor grips his opponents head and endeavours to
turn him round his own shoulders, thus bringing them level with the ground and securing him the victory.

The Neck Choke is a device which enables the defending wrestler to check his antagonist, who
havingobta ined a firm grip round his body is attempting to lower him backwards to the mat.

Turn-grip on the floor. The first wrestle tries to lift his opponent up, but he is checked
by a sharp grip from the latter who endeavours to turn him round thereby throwing him.

All 12 Tuck wrestling postcards.

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